Chemical Face Peel: Just What You Need For Better Skin


Here at The Clinic, Chemical Peels are our number one treatment for improving skin tone and texture. We perform over 60 peels per week and have been doing so for over 20 years. 

What is a Chemical Face Peel?

Chemical Peels are designed to treat the Epidermis, or the outer layer of the skin. A peel treatment works by removing dead skin cells, debris and pigmentation, while also decongesting the skin and increasing cellular turnover to reveal brighter, healthier looking skin. Professional chemical peels use powerful medical grade ingredients, visibly transforming your skin to provide noticeable results you will not see from regular skincare products.

Skin structure - The Clinic Bondi

What is the difference between a Chemical Peel and a Facial?

Compared to a facial, Chemical Peels are higher potency and clinically proven. Where facials are relaxing and restoring in nature, Chemical Face Peels are results driven, utilising advanced cosmeceutical ingredients to correct the skin.

How do Chemical Peels work?

In Clinic our peels are classified into 3 levels which refers to the depth at which they penetrate the skin.

Level 1 Peels

Level 1 peels operate in the most superficial layer of the Epidermis, known as the Stratum Corneum. This layer of skin is commonly referred to the “dead skin cell layer” which forms the protective barrier of the skin. When thickened or compacted, due to various factors such as; ageing, moisturising with insufficient exfoliation or oily skin, it can cause the skin to appear dry, rough, dull or congested.

Level 1 Peel Treatment being applied at The Clinic Bondi

What to expect:

The results from Level 1 peels are instant, with no downtime. Skin appears instantly brighter, softer, smoother and more hydrated.

Who is suitable:

Level 1 peels are suited to all skin types. Often used as an introductory to medical grade skin treatments, those with minimal skin issues who are feeling like their skin is dry, dull or congested or those who require a “freshen up” prior to a special event.

Types of Level 1 Peels we offer at The Clinic:

Blueberry Antioxidant Peel ($150)

Benefactor AHA BHA Resurfacing Peel ($150)

Societe Oxygenation Peel ($150)

PCA Skin Perfecting Mandelic Peel ($150)

Benefit Brightening Peel ($150)

Level 2 Peels

Level 2 peels work to a greater depth in the Epidermis, making their way to the inner layers of the skin, such as the Stratum Spinosum. This means they are more corrective in nature and achieve a more dramatic improvement to the skin's tone and texture.

Level 2 Peel Treatment being applied at The Clinic Bondi

What to expect:

Depending on skin type, Level 2 peels can cause some initial sensitivity and irritation which resolves within a few days of treatment. The best results become evident after 10 days; skin will appear healthier, smoother and brighter with a reduction in pigmentation and a clearer complexion.

Who is suitable:

These peels are particularly beneficial for treating mild to moderate skin concerns such as hyperpigmentation, photodamage or grade I-II acne. Level 2 peels are also a suitable treatment option for sensitive or reactive skin types.

Types of Level 2 Peels we offer at The Clinic:

Timeless Retinol Peel ($250)

Detox Problem Skin Peel ($250)

Level 3 Peels

Level 3 peels are able to penetrate the various layers of the Epidermis reaching the Basal Layer (bottom layer) of the Epidermis and the Papillary Layer (upper layer) of the dermis. The Level 3 Peel we offer is the Cosmedix Deep Sea Rejuvenation Peel ($660), which is our most intensive peel treatment.

Level 3 Peel Products by Cosmedix

What to expect:

Depending on treatment and skin type, Levels 3 peels can result in redness, peeling or flakiness for up to five days post treatment. Due to depth of penetration, results are more dramatic and become noticeable two weeks post treatment. Clients can expect a significant improvement in tone and texture, including reduction in pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles and a reduction in papules and pustules in the treatment of acne.

Who is suitable:

Clients who require treatment of complex and moderate-severe skin issues such as ageing including fine lines and wrinkles, melasma, Grade III-IV acne, acne scarring including post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and moderate-severe photodamage. Some Level 3 Peels can also be used as preventative treatments in oilier or resilient skin types.

If you are ready to start your journey to beautiful skin, contact The Clinic Bondi today.