Sweat Reduction

40 mins

The aim of the Hyperhidrosis treatment is to reduce or completely prevent sweating from underarms. We use wrinkle relaxers as the most effective treatment for primary Hyperhidrosis, which produces stable, long term results if you’re suffering with excessive sweating.

The treatment experience

  • Our doctors will first need to rule out any underlying causes for your Hyperhidrosis and may recommend that you visit your GP.
  • A starch-iodine test is performed to identify the sweating areas, temporarily staining them black. This guides our doctors and nurses in accuracy for the following treatment
  • A number of relaxers are peformed across the sweaty area, each to a specific depth and with a specific volume of product.

It's best for

  • Preventing sweating in the underarms.
  • Allowing you to feel comfortable wearing all colours and materials.
  • Long-lasting effects.

"In the beauty industry, I'm always working over the top of people. Sweat reduction injections have changed my life dramatically. I get them done yearly and it has stopped me from feeling sticky during a busy day at work."

- Nathan, 49

Pre and post care

What can I expect after my treatment?

You can expect a 90% improvement with sweating.

What precautions should I take pre and post?

Before treatment of the underarm region, please shave this area the night before your appointment.

There is no downtime required for hyperhidrosis treatment and you can resume normal activities immediately. However you should avoid the following for 24 hours:

  • Strenuous exercise 
  • Consumption of alcohol

It is also recommended to avoid the following for two weeks:

  • Extended exposure to sun or uv light
  • Extended exposure to heat or freezing temperatures

Exposure to any of the above may cause temporary redness, swelling, and/or itching at the treatment areas. If you have swelling, you can apply an ice pack for a brief period to help with discomfort.

We always recommend the use of sunscreen to prevent sun damage to the skin. Sunscreen with SPF 30 or above should be used daily. If you are under the sun for prolonged periods of time, sunscreen needs to be reapplied at least once every two hours.

Common questions

What are the benefits?

The major benefit to having wrinkle relaxers to treat hyperhidrosis, as described by many of our clients, is the feeling of freedom! 

  • Ability to resume normal activities immediately. 
  • Freedom from excessive sweating without maintenance activities (i.e, regular topical substance application, etc). 
  • To feel comfortable to wear all colours, materials and styles of clothing 
  • Long-lasting effects.
What are the risks?

There are minor and temporary risks associated with using wrinkle relaxers for hyperhidrosis, which on rare occasion may include: 

  • Numbness or tingling in the treated area 
  • Swelling or bruising 
  • A headache or feelings of nausea

Some patients may experience more serious side effects. 

  • An allergic reaction to the substance 
  • Flu-like symptoms which last more than a day

In some very rare cases the wrinkle relaxers will fail to cure hyperhidrosis. There are alternative treatments available if this occurs.

We do not perform Hyperhidrosis during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

How many treatments will I need?

You'll need a single treatment once per year.


Whilst we have seen amazing results from this treatment, please know that results vary and we cannot make guarantees. We recommend coming and speaking to our registered nurses for an in-depth consultation. They will discuss in detail how the treatment works, whether it will be right for your skin type and the expected results in line with your skin goals.

Price per treatment

Pricing discussed with our nurses after consultation