Summer Skin Care in Just 2 Steps


Especially after the year we've had, we cannot wait for Summer; those long days, warm nights and breezy holiday vibes. No one wants to be covered in makeup when the humidity creeps to 70%, so now is the time to get your skin in good condition for a natural, healthy Summer glow. When it comes to Summer skin, there are two things to focus on: Clean and Protect. Here are our top two treatments to keep the skin clean and protected this Summer.

Summer Skin Tip 1: Clean with HydraFacial

We know that Summer is harsh on the skin, with more time spent out side and lots of sweat and suncreen causing congestion. Skin that is properly clean gives a radiant, youthful glow and this is the basis of all skin care, especially in Summer.

Our HydraFacial Treatment ($250) is the most popular treatment for Summer skin as it not only provides a medical grade deep clean, but also exfoliates dead skin cells and extracts impurities and black heads. This is the treatment for an instantly smoother texture and clearer and brighter complexion, whilst also promoting long term skin health throughout the harsher months of Summer.

Watch our HydraFacial Treatment with a unique suction tip to extract black heads:

We also offer a customised HydraFacial LED Light Add On ($75). LED treatments work by using an array of red or blue bright light emitting diodes (originally developed by NASA!) Blue light LED specifically targets and kills bacteria in the skin that causes acne. It helps reduce sebaceous activity leading to increased oiliness into the skin. Red Light LED stimulates cellular activity and stimulates collagen, great for calming and healing the skin.

Summer Skin Tip 2: Protect with Ultrafromer

While we focus a lot on protecting the skin from the outside during Summer (i.e. always apply and re-apply SPF 50+) we cannot forget about what's going on in the deeper layers. Promoting collagen production deep within the skin helps to rejuvenate and firm, protecting it from the inside out.

As we age, our bodies slowly start to produce less and less collagen and elastin, which are the proteins that keep the skin tight. Our most popular treatment for collagen stimulation in Summer is the Ultraformer. Using Ultrasound Technology (or Ultherapy), Ultrafromer helps target the existing collagen as well as promoting new collagen production. Working on different wavelengths and depths within the skin, Ultraformer targets both pigmentation and skin laxity, making it a one stop treatment to a brighter and firmer Summer complexion. With no downtime and no sun sensitivity, Ultraformer is the best Summer skin treatment for long term protection against ageing.

Watch our Ultraformer Treatment for firmer and brighter skin this Summer:

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