Bridal Skin Care

Every bride wants their skin to be in the best condition for their wedding day. Our most popular skin treatments for brides include the Blueberry Peel, HydraFacial, Dermaplaning, Anti-Wrinkle Injections and Ultraformer Rejuvenation. Remembering on your wedding day, it’s not just about your face! We have treatments that can improve the skin on your chest, neck, décolletage, tummy and backs of your hands.


The first step to achieving that desirable bridal glow? Book a consultation with our registered nurses. As Sydney’s premier non-surgical cosmetic clinic, we offer a range of wedding skin routines and will devise a custom plan that suits your needs, timeline and budget.

Prepay and Save 20% on Selected Treatments

Book and pay for your bridal skin treatments upfront to receive 20% off. Minimum 3 treatments apply. Excludes injectables, Fraxel, Thermage, and IPL.

"I'm a wedding planner and stylist, so aesthetics are very important to me. When it came to my own wedding, I knew I wanted perfect skin for the day. I sought the help of The Clinic and loved their treatments. There is nothing like feeling 100% happy in the skin that you're in."

- Georgie, 34

Common questions

What are the most popular treatments for brides?

Blueberry Peel – for an instant skin ‘pick me up’, the Blueberry Peel exfoliates, clears congestion and brightens skin.

HydraFacial – extracts impurities, resurfaces the skin and infuses nourishing antioxidants, for skin that is soft to the touch.

Dermablading - improves complexion through exfoliation and the removal of any ‘peach fuzz’ facial hair, providing a smooth base for flawless makeup application.

Ultraformer - a firming treatment that tightens collagen and is effective for brides of all ages for immediate plumpness and radiance.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections - target fine lines and wrinkles for a more youthful look. The most popular injectables treatments for brides are the glabella (frown lines), frontalis (forehead lines) and crows feet.

How to make my makeup look perfect on my wedding day?

Skin that is healthy and in good condition provides the best base for flawless makeup application. Our recommended timeline for bridal skin treatments is three months, which allows a course of Peels or HydraFacial to have their best effect in exfoliating, brightening skin tone and smoothing the skins surface texture.

As a finishing touch, our Dermablading treatment removes peach fuzz facial hair, providing the perfect base for makeup application.

Is it too late to correct acne or pigmentation before my wedding?

For more complex skin concerns such as acne or pigmentation we recommend starting your bridal treatment plan three to six months in advance. This allows the skin adequate time to correct and renew. The first step is to book in for a skin consultation and our medically trained team will advise a custom treatment plan to suits your skin goals, timeline and budget.