Introducing A New Award Winning Injectable; Bio Remodeling


The Clinic Bondi is excited to introduce a new two part injectable into our treatment menu. The new multi-level Bio Remodeling Injectable treatment has been formulated to target skin laxity (particulary accordion lines around the mouth and cheeks), enhance contouring and redefine the skin. This treatment is the injectable version of a skin tightening treatment such as Thermage. 

What is the new Bio Remodeling Injectable?

This is a hyaluronic acid injectable, but not the same as your typical filler. Unlike tradition hyaluronic acid fillers the Bio Remodeling Injectable is a skin booster that does not change the structure and volume of the face and does not prevent muscle contraction like an anti-wrinkle injectable. This product uses stabilised  complexes of high and low molecular weight ultra pure hyaluronic acid. This is a naturally occuring substance that decreases as we age. When injected the Bio Remodeller which is additive free and of a honey like consistency easily integrate into the skins tissues and underlying structures. This intergration stimulates cell production, including collagen and elastin ( think building blocks of our skin ). This results in a smoother, hydrated more youthful appearing skin. Say goodbye to skin crepiness, smile lines and dehydrated looking skin.

What happens during my treatment?

This treatment requires two sessions four weeks apart. 

After your initial consultation your Registered Nurse will identify the problem areas you have on the lower face.You will be injected in those 5 areas that are anatomically receptive areas of the face. Once the injections have been completed you will notice small bumps at the injection site. These bumps can remain for up to 48hours and do not require massage as the hyaluronic will integrate into the skins tissue.


After two treatments you will notice skin appears restored, fine lines are smoother and skin crepiness and laxity is improved. This treatment can be repeated in six months time. 


The total price for both treatments is $1950